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Miniature Wedding Dress Replicas

Is your Wedding Dress just collecting dust or hidden in the attic? Do you want to sell it or give it away, but are not ready to let go? Then this venture is ideal for you! You can display your wedding dress as a reminder of your precious day, without it needing a spare room to be displayed in.

We recreate a doll-sized version of your Wedding Dress and/or the Groom's Suit. Perfect as an anniversary gift!

Everything is made to order, individually quoted and will require a deposit.

Variations include;

  • "The Miniature Bride"- The Bride's Wedding Dress replicated and dressed on to a doll or miniature mannequin inside a display case, with silk flowers representing the Bride's Bouquet, carefully placed at the base of the display case.
  •  The Bride's Wedding Dress and The Groom's Suit replicated and dressed on dolls or miniature mannequins inside a display case or two.
  • Just the Dress/ Suit/ Oufit.
  • Dress/ Suit/ Outfit on a miniature mannequin/ doll.
  • Dress/ Suit/ Outfit on a miniature mannequin/ doll in a display case.

For further information please contact;

01785 749145

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